Live. Laugh.Crush 2020


Not that we're looking for another reason to open a bottle of wine,

but there are SO many other reasons other than unwinding after a long day

with a big glass of vino.

Proudly partnering with Fitzpatrick Family Vineyards in Peachland BC,

we collect the grape seeds and the skins at harvest time (also know as the pomace). These seeds and skins are abundant with polyphenols and resveratrols.

We also use the red wine and lees from the barrels while the wine is fermenting -which is loaded with B vitamins and has anti-inflammatory and

anti-oxidant magic powers!

Hello, can we say the fountain of youth?

Each and everyone one of our products from CRUSH are infused with this amazing Okanagan grape-love and our proprietary Essential Okanagan Oil Blend.


100% plant based ingredients.

So, yes-open that bottle and treat yourself-inside and out!

Available products at this time:

VINO SCRUB-body scrub

VINO HYDRATE-body moisturizer

VINO BALM-lip balm


VINO ELIXIR-face toner

VINO CLEAN-foaming face wash

VINO REPAIR-face moisturizer